HG VISIONZ Magazine was created to distribute to Avatars through out the Hypergated enabled Virtual Worlds of OpenSim. Our main focus is on all things HG: Regions, Events, Shopping, Celebrations, Fashion, Role-play, Charities, Technology and Gaming.  We hope to bring you monthly activities and a quick glimpse of the ‘FUN’ the Hyperverse community experiences.

HG VISIONZ Magazine is an in-world only read magazine via HUD.  So created in an effort to encourage HG travel and fully immersive interaction. Our goal is to keep you informed of the happenings around the Hyperverse.  *We added this website to keep a record of our history and give our readers a place to review published articles. 

HG VISIONZ Magazine is distributed mid-month and you can pick up a copy at most major Virtual World grid’s Welcome Centers, plus many personal regions host magazine racks found throughout HG OpenSim.

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